Family freed from demonic oppression in Iran

By August 18, 2023

Iran (MNN) — Jesus set people free from demonic oppression in seven of the 33 miracles He performed while walking this earth. He’s still in the “freedom business” today.

Heart4Iran’s Nazanin Baghestani describes a woman who recently called the ministry’s 24-7 prayer line:

“Her whole family was into witchcraft, and they were traumatized all the time. They would hear voices; they would see things on fire which was not actually on fire.

They thought this was normal because they went to the mosque, and the mullahs [said], ‘It’s okay, these are gods talking to you. Go ahead and talk with them.’ It became worse and worse, and when they called us, we said, ‘No, these demons are from the devil. You have to bind them in the name of Jesus. They will flee.’

It took us months to convince them not to talk with these demons. Eventually, they prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. The mother and the daughters were set free, and this whole family is at peace now.

We continue to disciple them, and they’re growing in the Lord, praise God!”

Heart4Iran’s call center brings healing to hurting Iranians through trauma counseling and prayer sessions. More about that here.

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

Of those who pick up the phone, “90 percent are not Christians. They’re Muslims. They call us for prayer [because] they don’t have anywhere to go,” Baghestani says.

“They go searching online, and they find us.”

Support from fellow believers like you keeps the ministry going. “If they help us financially, we can get more counselors on our team, and we can invite more to help us with God’s kingdom,” Baghestani says.

Ask the Lord to give counselors wisdom and the words He wants them to say at precisely the right time. “Please pray that God will give us wisdom,” Baghestani adds.

“[People] all over the world call us, from Canada to Australia, within the country (Iran) and in Afghanistan. We rotate shifts because we want to be open 24 hours, seven days a week, to help anyone calling us.”



Header image courtesy of Heart4Iran.