Family is thankful for God’s provision

By November 28, 2013

USA (MNN) — As part of our observance of Thanksgiving, we caught up with Mark Lewis of EFCA ReachGlobal. He and his family are amazed by God’s provision.

Lewis says, “We as a family are just so grateful for the privilege God has given us to be able to serve Him in such a unique way in this mission field that follows crisis. We were just reflecting on that last night, in fact.”

He adds, “We are grateful for just seeing the hand of God lead and guide us through so many difficult circumstances.”

EFCA Reach Global picture from their Facebook page.

EFCA Reach Global picture from their Facebook page.

Where has his family seen this? Firsthand, actually. “We just experienced the miraculous provision of God as we were just doing our assessments and initial response effort in the Philippines. It’s just a reminder of how great and immense our God is, how intimately personal He is, how invested in the details of our lives, and the favor that He shows on us.”

According to Lewis, “Our family has been just marveling in that–especially in the last few days, but no more timely time to do that than at this time of Thanksgiving.”

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