Famine and uncertainty hit South Sudan

By May 21, 2014
South Sudan needs prayer, especially children there.
South Sudan needs prayer, especially children there.

South Sudan needs prayer, especially for children there.

South Sudan (MNN) — The war in South Sudan has seen thousands killed and about one million displaced. The situation has resulted in two major unintended consequences.

First, aid agencies are warning of a famine worse than that of the 1980s. As South Sudan approaches the rainy season, crops aren’t being planted. Many South Sudanese rely on their livestock to feed them while waiting for crops to produce food. However, the livestock are gone because of the war. Since many South Sudanese are displaced, they have nowhere to plant their crops. Hunger will be widespread at harvest time.

Second, insecurity is rampant. Kids Alive International cares for children in need in the region. Kids Alive’s Matt Parker says a truce was ignored by both sides. “People are really losing confidence now that any agreement with these two sides can really be found. While on the one hand there are negotiators who are working on a plan for a transitional government, it’s unclear even if that will be viable.”

The insecurity is causing problems with the distribution of humanitarian aid.

Kids Alive has work in the city of Wau, which Parker says is calm right now. “There’s still a very real fear that there will be continued violence, or renewed violence in the town. Certainly the kids that we work with can sense that.”

Kids Alive is trying to help them cope. “We have a great staff that’s working alongside each child, loving them, demonstrating to them that they have a heavenly Father who loves them, and they can trust in Him.”

Parker says there are two things we can do to make a difference. The first is to pray that both sides will think of the people first, rather than their own desires. Pray also that the humanitarian aid will get to those in need. “There are now between six and seven million people who are at risk of famine. There’s not been enough aid that’s come in, not enough funding. So pray for funding. Pray for organizations that are working among the vulnerable, particularly for Christian organizations who are seeking to share the Good News.”

The second thing we can do is to financially support their work. Click here to support the work of Kids Alive in Wau, South Sudan.

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