Far Corners gears up for Christmas with Giving Book

By October 29, 2013

International (MNN) — Halloween is around the corner. Pumpkins are being carved, costumes purchased or made and bags of fun-size candies are on-sale.

 (Image courtesy Chelsea Gomez (Oakes) via Flickr)

(Image courtesy Chelsea Gomez (Oakes) via Flickr)

Does that mean it’s too early to talk about Christmas?

Far Corners Missions doesn’t think so. The yuletide season is when most people want to get involved in their work.

“Christmas inspires us to show the love of Jesus,” says Far Corners’ President Gary Bishop. “With that inspiration for so many of our donors, we decided we better put something out that makes it easy.”

Enter the Far Corners Christmas catalog, or, as they’re calling it this year, a Giving Book.

“The whole reason we have this publication is the opportunity to give to someone else who has a desperate human need,” says Bishop.

A Giving Book is opposite what most in the West think of when Christmas rolls around. The focus usually turns to what’s going on the “getting” list — a new gadget or gizmo, a new outfit or toy.

It’s the opposite of what most people in Kenya, India, Nepal, Thailand — some of the places Far Corners works — long or hope for.

“They’re hungry, they need medical care; they need rescuing out of human trafficking,” Bishop states.

Through national partners, Far Corners shares the Gospel in word and deed. They have five areas of focus in nine different countries: China, England, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Philippines and Thailand.

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In India, Bishop says Far Corners encounters a large amount of people who are literally starving to death.

“They actually have to depend on Far Corners, one day at a time, to provide them something to eat,” he explains.

In the Amazon jungles, medical river boats reach areas too remote for cars or even planes. Young girls trapped in the brothels of Thailand and India are rescued literally and spiritually.

Feeding programs, medical outreaches, rescue operations and educational programs meet the physical needs of the lost, creating opportunities for national Far Corners workers to share the Gospel. Evangelical activities like church plants and one-on-one conversations lead people to salvation in Christ.

“In each of those five areas, you’ll find ways to participate [through the Giving Book],” shares Bishop.

Get your copy by contacting Far Corners here. Or, you can call them at 817-237-3000.

“What a great chance to be involved in missions, even if you can’t go to those places that we mentioned today,” says Bishop.

“We love to send it to people. It gives them a chance to plan ahead; even show other people.”

Pray the Giving Book becomes a gateway for people to get involved in missions. Ask the Lord to bring those who need help and Far Corners workers together.

“Pray that we’ll have the wisdom and the resources to find just those right people that God wants us to help,” Bishop requests.

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