FARMS helps churches expand their capacity

By October 23, 2023

International (MNN) — 2023 introduced FARMS International to a new series of adventures.

Since the beginning of FARMS 62 years ago, “We’ve been focused on strengthening the global Church using small business revolving loan programs operated locally,” President Scott Clifton says.

A new type of ministry opportunity surfaced at the end of 2022. Now, in addition to its traditional approach, “FARMS is operating as consultants, using our experience and expertise to come alongside their (churches’) passion [and] the funding they have available.”

One church in the United States sponsors a Ugandan pastor serving the Lord near a large refugee camp. “This church was considering their support and wanted it to be more sustainable long term,” Clifton says.

“[Believers wanted] something that will permanently impact the pastor and community around him, even if the church isn’t able to continue their support [in the future.] They landed on business as the tool to promote that sustainability.”

Church leaders recognized they had limited business development knowledge, so they contacted FARMS for help. “We thought it was a great partnership,” Clifton says.

“The church had passion, desire, and the funding needed to help this pastor in Uganda. FARMS had the experience and expertise in business development and sending funds overseas.”

In Belize, a young organization wanted to impact lives in a way that reached past short-term mission trips. They discussed entrepreneurship and, not wanting to reinvent the wheel, partnered with FARMS to incorporate loan programs as an element of their ministry.

Pray for wisdom as leaders plan and begin microloan projects in Belize and Uganda.

“We pray they’d be strengthened as they experienced the challenges of trailblazing and beginning their new businesses,” Clifton says.

Connect with FARMS here if you’re a ministry or church leader looking for sustainable ways to support overseas work.

“A great question is, ‘Do we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to carry that out on our own?’ Maybe a church has people who are business owners [or] people who have worked with sending money overseas,” Clifton says.

“If it’s in-house, great! But if not, seek out FARMS or any other organization [with] experience because the easiest time to make adjustments is before you begin.”




In the header image, believers in Uganda build structures for the poultry project initiated through a partnership with FARMS International. (Photo courtesy of FARMS International)

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