FARMS keeps unique business running smoothly

By December 7, 2007

Senegal (MNN) — FARMS International is synonymous with agricultural projects, but one family FARMS helps has found their own niche. 

The Santos family of Senegal use their artistic talent to run a business painting and selling tapestries. Their craft is evident upon entering their home whose walls are covered in African artwork, and numerous projects are in the works throughout the house. 

They do their work on wood, canvas and linen which they are able to order in bulk because of the FARMS' program they are a part of. This means there is no delay between projects in order to wait for supplies. The process runs much more smoothly, and business is not lost due to downtime. 

Previously, they ran into complications working with other agencies because of their Christian faith. With FARMS help, they are able to continue their art and make a living while sharing their faith openly. They sell their work to street vendors, hotels and tourists and are unashamed of the Gospel. 

Their work is of high quality, and they are a testament to the value of the talents God has given each of His children for advancing the kingdom.  

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