FARMS projects withstand pandemic, economic losses

By July 31, 2023

Southeast Asia (MNN) — According to Bloomberg, Southeast Asia suffered significant stock losses when foreign funds rotated out of the region this year.

A believer we’ll call Caleb says the economic ripple effects combined with pandemic losses hit several FARMS International projects.

(Photo courtesy of FARMS International)

“We had to put them on hold for about a year so participants could build their finances back up. And with some of the programs, we’re still working through the different struggles,” Caleb says.

Some economists maintain a positive outlook, citing global trends that will benefit the region long term. Meanwhile, thousands of believers in the area struggle to make it through another day.

By working alongside the local church, FARMS’ revolving loan program equips believers to do more in the name of Jesus. More about that here.

Through the FARMS program, “they can have finances to support themselves and go out into the community to witness, show God’s love to the people, and disciple or train new believers,” Caleb explains.

In a country we cannot name for security purposes, meeting Christ through the FARMS program leads to life transformation. “A lot of them are farmers. Some do fruit trees and orchards, and others are rice farmers,” Caleb says of program participants.

“Some of them used to be opium farmers, but when they became believers, they changed from opium to coffee.”

By investing in FARMS, you can help them partner with more churches to start new programs. Most importantly, pray.

“A lot of them (Christian leaders) are tired because they’re the only leaders in their area, or they have many churches and don’t have time to rest. Pray for strength for them,” Caleb requests.




Header and story images courtesy of FARMS International.