FARMS worker killed

By December 14, 2006

International (MNN) — It’s dangerous for Christians working in creative access. It’s no different for Farms International who’s working in 12 different countries, most of which are antagonistic to Christians.

President of Farms International Joe Richter says violence has hit their ministry again. “We recently received news again, of a worker that has been in the field in one of these countries, that has been martyred. One of the sad parts about that is they usually leave behind a family of young children and a wife. This has happened in one country over a dozen times already.”

That’s another part of the ministry of Farms International, says Richter. “We’re able to help in those situations with that family, to get them back on their feet and get them into a situation where they’re not in total poverty because of a loss of a husband and family.”

The man was an evangelist supported by people who participate in the Farms program. Richter says this is reality in some of the countries in which they’re working. “These people are fearless and willing to take those types of risks. This is very challenging to us in the west to see this kind of dedication to Jesus.”

This type of outreach allows them to get into regions that are closed to the Gospel. Richter says if funding wasn’t a problem, they’d be all over the region. “We get several requests a week and we can only look at a tiny fraction of those. A church that would be interested in establishing a new program — for $8,000 to $12,000 a new program can be established in a country.”

That investment is helping Christians support the local church and evangelists, who are then reaching out with the Gospel.

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