FCBH releases Easter podcast

By March 31, 2009

Int'l (MNN) — If you're looking for a creative way to share Easter with your kids this year, you should visit Faith Comes By Hearing's website.

In a recent Christian Newswire article, FCBH announced the release of its Easter podcast, "Easter: The Story."

"The Bible tells us about Jesus, why He came, how He lived and why He died," an FCBH spokesman said. "But the story doesn't end there; this special Easter podcast also shares the Biblical story of Jesus' resurrection. This Easter, commemorate this moving Bible story by listening to the Word of God in audio."

Using the Easter account recorded in the New Testament book of Mark, FCBH produced the audio segment using a variety of different character voices, sound effects and musical backgrounds. Running less than twelve minutes, this short program helps people "engage in the Bible and hear the Easter story in a dramatic, audio format." This podcast is available on the FCBH website in .mp3 and .wav format.

The mission of FCBH is to record the New Testament in audio in 2,000 languages and to start 1.8 million Bible-listening groups by 2016. To reach the 50% of the world's population who are poor and illiterate, FCBH records and uses Audio Bibles; these are also used as discipleship tools. Click here to listen to "Easter: The Story."

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