Fear debilitates Nepal earthquake victims

By May 1, 2015
Fear is gripping every part of the culture in Nepal after Saturday's earthquake (EFCA photo).

Fear is gripping every part of the culture in Nepal after the recent earthquake. (EFCA photo).

Nepal (MNN/EFCA) — One word summarized the day for an assessment team: Fear. That’s the word from EFCA ReachGlobal in response to the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake.

EFCA workers tell us everyone is dealing with it. One worker we’ll call “Sam” said, “The church members–just like other people in Kathmandu–still don’t want to go back to their houses. The churches set up temporary shelters, usually at the church compound, and they sleep, cook, and stick together. The neighbors often join them. This is very positive. The church [has] become a ‘new normal,’ where there is no wall between the church members and the neighbors. The fear is still very high here.”

This isn’t surprising, given the continued aftershocks, shortages of food and water, and an exodus of people. News reports indicate up to 300,000 people per day are fleeing the city.

Here are current statistics from the United Nations.

  • 2.8 million people displaced
  • More than 70,000 houses have been destroyed (a figure that is expected to rise)
  • Estimated 4.2 million people are in urgent need of water, sanitation, and hygiene support
  • Some 3.5 million people need food assistance

As EFCA workers continue to meet with local church partners distributing some immediate aid resources and assessing the next steps of recovery, please continue to pray for the people of Nepal.

PRAY for:

  • The local churches to play a significant role in the ‘new normal,’ one where the church is holistically caring for and serving their neighbors
  • Peace to overcome fear
  • Wisdom for local leaders and our assessment team in developing recovery strategies that tangibly express the Gospel

GIVE to help these present and pressing needs, but also invest in the long-term recovery and ongoing Crisis Response ministry.

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