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Published on 16 November, 2011

Fear runs wild as Turkey is struck with third quake

Turkey (MNN) — Turkey was hit by another
powerful 5.2-magnitude earthquake yesterday morning.

This is the nation's third major quake
in a matter of weeks, not including the dozens of tremors and aftershocks the
people in the Van area have experienced.

This quake follows another 5.7-magnitude
quake last week and a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that
killed over 600 people at the end of October. The string of violent disasters
littered by tremors and aftershocks has thrown the citizens of eastern Turkey
into a frenzy of fear.

International Mission Board reports that
most people don't feel safe. Thousands are living in tents between damaged
buildings. Many lost family and friends in the initial quake.

Survivors sleep in tents in sub-freezing
weather without proper clothing. IMB notes these now-homeless people run the
risk of developing bronchitis and other illnesses from the cold, as well as
from the smoky fires lit inside the tents for warmth.

IMB associates met one woman who had only
just fled Afghanistan as a refugee in Turkey when the first quake hit.

Buildings continue to crumble, and relief
workers are doing all they can to tend to physical needs. The emotional
scars of fear surrounding these disasters need a great deal of tending as well.

A local, evangelical congregation in Van
is helping those sleeping in tents around their church. Other churches from
across Turkey have also sent volunteers. The Van church is coordinating their
efforts, which include food distribution and medical care.

Dozens of people gather at the church
daily. Believers feed them and share Christ's love.

"There aren't many of us, and we are
tired," a member of the Van church told IMB, "but we are doing all we can. They
see the love, and they are able to hear why we do this."

Keep praying for Turkey. Pray for
physical safety and spiritual healing. Turkey is a staunchly-Muslim nation, but
as rampant fear spreads, people are looking for peace. Pray that believers
would be a comfort to victims of the quake and would represent Christ in ways
that make others want to learn more.

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