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Published on 29 February, 2012

Fear threatens to disband translation team in Congo

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — A Bible translator working on the Mayogo translation project for the Democratic Republic of Congo died suddenly in recent days. He had shown no signs of illness prior to his death.

The translator, Mapuma, is survived by his pregnant wife and six kids. He was a qualified translator and had been sent to Nairobi to train as a translation consultant to help other translation projects.

The Seed Company reports that the community has rallied around the family, but the effects of Mapuma's death have been distressing.

The members of the Logo translation team nearby have taken the news particularly seriously. In fact, they are under pressure to quit their project.

The Mayogo translation is a parallel project to the Logo project. Two translators with the Logo project died during the work also. This recent death stirs up fear of a Satanic attack. Such attacks were commonplace in earlier translation efforts, reports The Seed Company.

The Seed Company is asking for prayer. Pray that the Logo team and their families might find strength in the fact that the church has grown strong, planted firmly on the foundation of the efforts and the suffering of those dedicated to bringing God's Word. A field coordinator is coming to assist the team in March. Pray that he will strengthen their resolve.

Pray also for Mapuma's family. Pray that his Mayogo team would be able to complete the New Testament on time still. It's scheduled to wrap up in September but is now being led by only two translators. Pray that this team would boldly continue their work despite this frightening setback.

Click on the links to learn more about the Logo translation or Mayogo translation. You can also help fund these projects.

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