FEBC develops long-term plan to reach Muslim communities

By February 5, 2009

International (MNN) — Have you ever thought that Christianity and Islam had nothing in common? Many Muslims are familiar with Jesus; he's even in the Koran as the prophet Isa. But most Muslims don't know that Isa loves them and died for them. The Far East Broadcasting Company has developed a long-term plan to communicate Christ's love to Muslim communities.

Project Isa is a long-term plan to minister to Muslim communities internationally through radio and other appropriate media.

The project will involve conducting research on Muslim needs and media-consumption, designing and producing special radio programs, enhancing existing delivery channels, and developing new ways to reach listeners. This could include creating new AM and/or FM stations, more shortwave broadcasts, and increased Internet use for program streaming and listener follow-up.

Believers of Muslim background will be trained in broadcasting, and new methods will be developed to reach listeners.

For many years, FEBC has broadcast into the Muslim world. FEBC airs the Good News in more than 150 languages from 32 transmitters located throughout the world. When Muslims hear about God's love, they are often eager to know more.

FEBC broadcasts are also a lifeline to believers living in Muslim communities. Many Christians gather in secret to listen to FEBC broadcasts, which may be their only source of teaching and fellowship.

FEBC invites you to join them in this project. If you'd like to help with a contribution, click here.

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