FEBC reaches out to Muslim world

By February 12, 2009

Central Asia (MNN) — One-fifth of the world's population adheres to Islam, and half of the world's Muslims live in four countries: Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

The Far East Broadcasting Company is reaching out to share the love of Jesus with these spiritual seekers. Project Isa is a long-term plan to minister to Muslims internationally through radio. But they need your help, both financially and spiritually.

"We're asking God's people to pray and cover us as we seek to bring the love of Jesus to the Muslim world," says FEBC's Gregg Harris. He asks for believers to cover radio broadcasters in prayer, as they are often targeted by radical Islamic terrorists.

Harris says despite these threats, he hopes to reach people who are spiritually hungry. "Many, many people in the world are sincerely seeking God. We are fortunate enough to say to them, 'Hey, here's the one true God and His Son Jesus Christ. You can know Him.'"

Harris explains that programming is already available, and follow-up staff has been trained to reach Muslims with the Gospel. If funding needs are met, Project Isa is ready to roll.

"We could deploy those resources today to get more broadcasts on the air, get more follow-up done, and ultimately touch more people for Christ."

FEBC is in the finishing stages of its first Project Isa station in Indonesia. After that, FEBC hopes to begin airing in Kazakhstan. Frequencies must be purchased before programming can be aired in Kazakhstan, and FEBC is in the process of "buying airwaves." An economic and religious hub, Kazakhstan is the doorway through which FEBC can reach the Islamic people of central Asia.

"Kazakhstan is an Islamic republic," said Harris. "Many people believe that Kazakhstan is going to be the key influencer of the religious climate in central Asia."

The cost of this ongoing project is well over $1 million. If you'd like to help FEBC reach the Muslim world through radio, you can click here.

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