FEBC to start unique radio station in Philippines

By January 24, 2007

Philippines (MNN) — Radio is sometimes the only way to take the Gospel into unreached areas of the world. While Far East Broadcasting Company is already broadcasting in the Philippines, they’re starting another radio station that will be unique to anything else they’re doing.

President of FEBC Gregg Harris says this will be their 9th radio station. “What’s so exciting about this particular project is it is specifically designed for an evangelistic outreach to 14 different tribal groups in the northern part of Luzon Island.”

A national missionary told Harris recently that Evangelism in this part of the world is difficult. He says, “It consisted of a 10 hour bus ride, three hour Jeepney ride (and) then he would get into a canoe and travel two hours up stream. Then he would hike for an hour and that would only get him to the home base of where he was going to conduct his mission trip.”

According to Harris they’re currently raising $300,000 for this 10,000 watt AM radio station. “Our goal is July 1, 2007 to be on the air with four language groups initially. And, as we’re able to develop the support for the station and get the right kind of people producing the programs, the ultimate goal is 14 different languages from that one location.”

A dollar for dollar grant challenge has been established to get the project started, says Harris. But, He says, “The on-going operational costs are designed to be borne by the Filipino Christians and by the local churches.”

In fact, this project is truly a partnership. Harris says, “FEBC is providing the leadership in terms of the hardware and the operation of the station, but the programming is going to be done in cooperative partnerships with many different mission groups and local churches.”

Harris says Filipino pastors have two specific prayer needs. “The number one need that they have is to find the right people to get behind the microphone to do the evangelism. So that really is the first prayer request, and of course asking God to bring in the funding is very important.”

If you’d like to support FEBC’s new radio station in the Cagayan Valley, click here.

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