FEBC touching hearts of kids and kids at heart

By June 15, 2005

International (MNN/FEBC) — Have you ever heard the saying ‘Children learn what they live’? Youngsters often duplicate the traditions, habits, and beliefs learned during childhood, which is why Far East Broadcasting Company strives to offer wholesome programming for children. If young people commit their lives to Christ during childhood, they are much more likely to continue their faith throughout adulthood.

That’s why FEBC is focusing on kids program around the world. Currently they’re producing programs in Russia, Indonesia, Korea, Mongolia, and the Philippines.

Ministry officials says their Russian work isn’t only seeing children coming to faith in Christ, but adults. A father of a young girl started listening to the programming along with his daughter. “I feel like a child,” he said, “opening up a new world.” A Russian prisoner committed his heart to the Lord after listening to the programming.

FEBC has been broadcasting in the Philippines for over 40 years. Parents frequently contact the stations to let them know how much the programs mean to their children. “My kids are excited when they hear your program; they sing along with your program jingle and they love all the songs you play.”

The children’s programs at FEBC-Korea are so popular that one girl asked her mother to record a program for a week while she was away visiting her grandparents. Another mother wrote to say that her husband began listening to FEBC when their daughter sang in a musical program on an FEBC program. Though he’s not a believer, she hopes the broadcasts will soften his heart.

In Indonesia, the weekly Dreaming Home for Children program features a morality concept taken from the Bible. First it’s dramatized on the air, and later the host opens it up for discussion. Children ages 6-13 call in and share their thoughts with the FEBC broadcaster.

In Mongolia, a program called ‘Talkback’ is geared towards teens who call in to talk to their peers about a particular concern. At other times the program hosts a Q&A to see who can answer a trivia question to win a prize donated by a local sponsor. “It’s so interesting that even adults like to listen,” shared an FEBC-Mongolia staff member. “And that’s good because most of our listeners are non-Christian.”

Pray that FEBC’s ministry to young people will continue to be effective and that as they respond to the call of Jesus, they’ll be faithful to Him throughout their lives.

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