Fellow believers making it a top priority to reach the unreached people groups in Africa.

By October 8, 2013

Can we reach all of Africa’s unreached peoples with the
gospel in our generation? Christian Aid Missions, your link to indigenous
missions, says yes!

That question was brought up last month at the 2013 Global Missions
Consultation held in Ghana. This event brought together over 400 indigenous
mission leaders from 40 countries in Africa as well as international missions representatives
from Asia, Europe, and the US.

The main theme of the conference was “Discipling the Nations,”
with a special emphasis on missions in Africa. Topics included, “Reaching
Africa’s Unengaged People Groups,” “Discipling Great Commission Christians,”
and “The Challenge of Islam in Africa.”

Gabriel Barau, a key ministry partner of Christian Aid Mission
serves as a chairman of the Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association and is the
founder and director of one of the largest agencies in Nigeria. He presided
over the conference as he and other delegates developed strategic plans for evangelism
and discipleship. A top priority is establishing a witness for Christ among the
continent’s 800 unreached people groups.

Several African ministry leaders broke down into tears as
they felt deeply burdened that they had not done more to reach their own
people. Director of Development and Church Relations, Raul Hernandez, for
Christian Aid Missions says, “They made the commitment to reach and engage the
remaining people groups using all the tools and methods available. Each missions
group from the 40 African countries represented at the consultation also
pledged to mobilize the church in a more in-depth discipleship movement.”

There are seven major objectives/challenges. Some including
finding a greater awareness on discipleship and the Great Commission
priorities, or facilitating new partners and initiatives in seeing transformation
come to the major spheres of society in every nation.

The next step, was for each delegate to find two other
accountability partners who would commit to correspond with them in one year’s
time to see home they followed through on their response to the challenge.

Hernandez wraps up by saying, “Overall, by the number of
indigenous leaders who participated, but their engagement and excitement in
continuing to do what God has called them to do, by their organization as a
team of more than 400 indigenous missionary organizations, and by the
partnerships we are starting to develop, Ghana 2013 was a success and will
bring glory to the Lord.”

Pray for new doors of ministry to open among
previous unreached or unengaged people groups in Africa. Pray for those who
attended the conference to follow and further equip the Great Commission. Pray
for all of the persecuted believers in Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, and other
countries in Africa. For information on giving to help towards this cause for
Africa, click here.

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