FH to respond in Central America

By November 12, 2009

Nicaragua (MNN) — A week ago, Category-1 Hurricane Ida
struck Nicaragua around sunrise, affecting communities along the Atlantic and
Caribbean coasts. Thousands were displaced by flash floods and mudslides
triggered by Ida, but no casualties were reported. Speaking to us from Nicaragua,
Kim Brown with Food for the Hungry said the storm hit without warning.

"It caught most people totally off-guard," Brown
said, "and we've had very heavy rains, particularly in that part of the

FH works primarily on Nicaragua's Pacific coast, but teams
are working alongside Christian Medical Action in response to this disaster.
Two years ago, the groups paired to provide a "holistic response" for
Nicaraguan victims of Hurricane Felix. Brown predicts FH's response to the
current disaster will be similar to methods used two years ago.

"That included things like emergency foods, roofing
materials, helping with shelters, helping people get back on their feet,"
Brown explains. "We always respond to both physical, emotional, and
spiritual needs because people are integrated."

In 2007, Nicaragua bore the brunt of Category-5 Hurricane
Felix's wrath; Felix followed on the heels of Category-5 Hurricane Dean. It was
the first time in history that two category-5 storms stuck within the same
year. Most damage occurred to those out at sea when the hurricane rolled in, and the tempest wiped out crops which were ready to harvest.

One result of FH's partnership with the local medical agency
in response to Felix was a restorative agricultural program.

"Through this
program, they were able to plant a lot of rice, and the abundance of rice has
really been a symbol of God's grace in the midst of tragedy," states
Brown. "But to me, the latest poignancy of God's grace was…just a week
before [Ida] hit, the farmers had finished taking in all the harvest.

"Because it hit when it did, all of the rice is in, and
there isn't going to be the massive famine like there was in previous

FH works with Nicaraguan churches to help them become
everything God intends His church to be.

Pray for FH teams as they prepare a disaster response plan.
Pray for the victims to feel God's tangible love in the midst of tragedy.

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Food for the Hungry.

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