Fifteen Chinese Christians take on risky smuggling operation

By January 11, 2024

China (MNN) — It sounds like something straight out of an action movie. Mission Cry’s President, Rev. Jason Woolford, says the stakes are high for the Gospel in northern China.

“People’s lives will be hanging in the balance because of their belief and wanting to get the Word to northern China,” Woolford says.

Here’s where the action movie plot comes into play.

Woolford says, “We have 15 people coming from the north who have good social scores to be able to travel, [who are] willing to risk their life to smuggle these Bibles back to northern China, to give the Word of God to people who are in desperate need of it.”

Previous shipment from Mission Cry to China. (Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Communist rules are strictly enforced in northern China, so Bibles are hard to come by. “Communist China is worried about what the Word of God can do, will do, and is doing.”

Christians pay a high price for following Jesus. Woolford says, “[In] the north, you have real religious persecution, imprisonment, people being starved, [or] losing their life.”

Mission Cry sends used Bibles and Christian books around the world to believers who cannot afford them. For situations like this one, Mission Cry develops specialized Christian resources such as Bibles and Christian books in simplified Chinese.

First and most importantly, pray for this mission to be successful, and “for those that are traveling, that they would be invisible to the police [or] those that might be checking.”

Consider also helping Mission Cry cover the $25,000 needed for shipping and travel costs. Click here to give to Mission Cry.



Header photo courtesy of Zhang Kaiyv/Unsplash.

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