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Published on 19 March, 2012

Fifth grade earthquake, victims have no sixth grade to move on to

Haiti (MNN) — It's been more than two years since Haiti was rocked by a 7.0 earthquake, but some of the long-term effects are just now being felt.

The victims of some of the earthquake's most recent devastation are a group of 50 fifth graders.

Kids Alive International reports that much help was poured into the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation after the quake. But Haiti has since recovered very little. Rubble still litters numerous streets. Buildings still remain in shambles. And education continues to suffer.

According to Kids Alive, 50 community children may not continue past fifth grade at a Kids Alive school this year.

It's not that the kids are at all unworthy to move on; there is just not a place for them to move on. The earthquake's effects have rendered Kids Alive incapable of adding a sixth grade program to the school.

If Kids Alive is unable to add a sixth grade program by the time the kids enter the next school year, the only alternative is to try to get them into the overcrowded public school, which mean discontinuing their Christian education.

The essential combination of spiritual nurture and education that the students get at the Kids Alive school is the only ray of hope in their lives since the earthquake destroyed so much two years ago. These highly motivated boys and girls represent the future of Haiti. But their hope could be snuffed out with the end of their education.

Kids Alive is dedicated to making sure this doesn't happen. Currently, they are raising funds to be able to add a sixth grade program. Pray that they will reach their goal and that the kids would be able to go on learning about Christ in the meantime.

You can personally support this program here.

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