Fighting affects ECM; ministry responds with growth

By September 21, 2011

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — The most recent headlines concerning the Democratic Republic of Congo include possible Congolese ties to 36 deaths in a bar shooting in Burundi. Similar updates on the nation are fairly typical. Ongoing fighting in portions of the country continue to create challenges for the entire nation.

Every Child Ministries has felt the blow of instability in Congo. Although fighting has stuck mainly to the east, ECM has been affected in the West.

ECM co-founder Lorella Rouster says street kids continue to drift across the country scarred from war. Roads have been destroyed, infrastructure has gotten difficult, and travel is increasingly expensive.

The country is in desperate need of transformation, says Rouster. "They need to be changed thoroughly. Not to be just nominally Christian with a little smattering of Bible knowledge–which has too often been the case in Africa–but to have a real deep commitment to the Lord, a real deep awareness of God's salvation and his working in their lives."

As a result of the poor in-country conditions, however, it's been difficult for ECM to reach as many as they would like. Thus, the ministry has had to be sure to make the most of every opportunity to reach children with the Truth.

Recently, an ECM staff member tragically lost his wife to a sudden illness. A pastor who lives in another village and is connected with ECM went to comfort the worker and his family. While he was in a new place, however, he realized that God might be able to use him in that village as more than just a spiritual anchor for the grieving family.

The pastor was able to visit several churches in the region during his stay–a feat he may not have been able to accomplish otherwise due to travel costs in particular. "He was able to help them select leaders, train them and get three new Sunday schools started," says Rouster.

"Our vision is to see this new upcoming generation in Africa have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To do that, our goal is to see that every church and every village in every neighborhood is fully equipped to reach the youth of their community for Christ, and then to see them actively doing so," explains Rouster. The pastor was able to accomplish just that by simply taking every opportunity to establish this mission.

Every Child Ministries currently has over 2,500 of these small ministries built up across Congo. You can be a part of their mission of creating solid, Christ-centered youth and children's ministries across the nation. Click here to find out how.

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