Fighting erupts across former Soviet Union

By September 19, 2022

Former Soviet Union (MNN) — Chaos breaks out in Russia’s sphere of influence.

Armenia and Azerbaijan

Earlier this week, fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia killed hundreds of soldiers on both sides. Eric Mock with the Slavic Gospel Association says, “The sons of some of the leaders there have been lost in the fighting. So they are feeling the pain and the difficulty.”

Last Wednesday, a ceasefire agreement ended the fighting. A delegation from the U.S. House of Representatives announced plans to visit Armenia. Mock says, “There are, of course, the disputed territories they’re fighting about. But I think it’s even deeper than that. Armenia tends to be Christian where you see Azerbaijan predominantly Muslim.”

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Friday, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan agreed to a ceasefire after a round of fighting at their shared border. Mock says, “Centers for helping children in these more impoverished communities were hit by shells. They’ve had to remove the younger families and their children to safer locations.”

Some clashes were still reported after the agreement. SGA works in Tajikistan, ministering to poorer communities near the border. The boundary between the two countries has not been well defined, leading to conflicts since the Soviet era.


Meanwhile, Russian forces retreat from a counter-offensive in Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have approached the city of Kherson, taken by Russia earlier this year.

Mock says, “Previously occupied territory is being returned to Ukrainian control. We’re seeing very deep humanitarian need there. We’re seeing the destruction. But mostly, what we’re seeing is how people in the churches have stepped up. They’re actually traveling into these regions and helping the people there.”

Through SGA, you can send help to each one of these countries. Mock says, “As we face winter, people are already beginning to ask for wood and coal.”

Pray the love of local Christians will draw many to Jesus.



The header photo shows now of the first Armenian towns to come under attack during the recent fighting with Azerbaijan. (Photo courtesy of Armineaghayan, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)