Fighting is over, training for outreach underway

By March 9, 2007

Congo (MNN) — The Democratic Republic of Congo has been
plagued with civil unrest for years. However, with the first successful free
election in years, the nation is breathing a little easier and ministries are
beginning to move back in.

Every Child Ministries
never left. Nationals have been
carrying on the work. This week Every Child went into the nation for the first
time to train nationals to reach children with the Gospel.

ECM's John Rouster says they're holding a national Sunday
School teacher training seminar. "We're brining in our leaders from the
central part of the country into Kinshasa for a Christian education conference.
ECM has over 2,000 Sunday Schools that have been started through this seminar
method and only God knows how many children have been reached through

According to Rouster, ECM has developed materials to help.
"Every Child Ministries has developed a teacher training manual that's
been translated into six or seven languages. When a seminary is taught each
participant gets a teacher training manual because a lot of the people aren't
grounded in Biblical principles."

ECM works with the national church.  Rouster says they've seen incredible results.
"There has been some circumstances where there were no churches in the
village and another church helped get a teacher in there  and then eventually churches were founded because
of the Sunday Schools."

Funding is needed to help provide the materials. They also
need people to help with the program. Click here to get additional information.

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