Filling the Gospel gap in Guatemala

By February 18, 2016

Guatemala (MNN) — Though Christianity in Guatemala has spread, there is still work to be done and lives to be changed, which is why Family Christian recently went on a week-long mission trip to Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

(Photo courtesy of Family Christian via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Family Christian via Facebook)

Family Christian Manager-in-training, Stetson Harper, explains the work was centered around helping orphans and widows.

In order to make their reach go even further, they worked with their indigenous ministry partner, Pray America (known as Hands of Jesus in Guatemala).

Harper explains that the work Pray America has accomplished is building the global church. “They’re just doing a beautiful job of not just meeting needs of the people of Guatemala, but they’re sharing the Gospel. They’re making leaders. They’re specifically developing them.”

The ministry has started sponsorship programs and business classes to help families get back on their feet and become self-sustaining. They do it all in the name of Christ and let the people know the support comes from Him.

Working on this mission trip as a team, Family Christian and Pray America were able to bring more to the table than they could have alone.

“We were able to do everything from building houses to restoring homes, installing wood stoves. We gave away 50-pound bags of food. We put shoes on children’s feet. So we were really able to engage in…and really get into the community and interact with the people and share Jesus with them.”

The #1 factor that stood out to Harper was the hunger for the Word of God. Many of the people wanted to hear and know more about Jesus.

Fortunately, Family Christian was able to fill the Gospel gap.

Another of the ministry’s partners offers audio Bibles. Family Christian was able to purchase and bring solar-powered audio Bibles in the native language of Chicastenango: K’iche’, These audio Bibles couldn’t have made more of an impact.

“There’s no real written translation of the Bible in K’iche’. So for most of these families, it was the first time they’d ever received the Word of God,” Harper explains. “To have the power of God’s spoken Word in their home was a priceless gift.”

With the Gospel at hand, Family Christian is excited to see the Good News spread in the Chicastenango region and impact lives for the better.

Though Family Christian is back from the trip, the mission work isn’t done.

They recently released a new line of products in their stores called Ministry Walk. Each product has a unique tag telling customers what their money is going toward. For example, a T-shirt could go toward an education for teenagers, and a water bottle could mean clean water for a village. All the products give back to a community that is in desperate need of physical and spiritual support.

Go to a Family Christian store near you and help the mission continue.

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  • Brother and sisters may the love of our Heavenly Father be with you all. I was born in Guatemala but have spent a great deal of my life here in the us. But I am an evangelical Christian and my love is calling me to go and preach the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ whom we love and serve with all of our hearts and minds. I will be leaving the us at the end of 2017 and all I ask of you is your support with Spanish bibles for our new brothers and sisters in Christ our lord. I don’t ask that you give anything because I have always depended on the lord to provide for me and He has done that for me. I am doing this because I love my lord and I feel it in my heart that He is calling me to bring the gospel to my beloved Guatemala. May the lord bless each and everyone of you now and always. Sincerely your brother in Christ Elmer E. Sandoval

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