Film series featuring early North African Christian leaders places at ICVM Crown Awards

By June 7, 2023

USA (MNN) — International Media Ministries (IMM) doesn’t often enter film festivals, being a missionary organization. But when they recently entered International Christian Visual Media’s 50th Crown Awards, Cyprian from IMM’s film series The Heritage Project won third place for Best Series!

(Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries)

Denise Godwin with IMM says, “As a small team of missionaries telling these stories of North Africa, you think, ‘Boy, we don’t have much chance against other big companies.’ We found ourselves finalists against The Chosen! I think that’s just amazing because they have millions of dollars, and of course, as a missionary body, we don’t. But we have time to make our stories accurate and to work really hard on the detail.”

IMM walked away with the Bronze Crown Award. The Silver Crown Award for Best Series went to Learning the 5 Love Languages, and the Gold Crown Award went to The Chosen Season 2.

The Heritage Project with IMM is an eight-part docudrama series featuring lesser-known stories of early Church leaders in North Africa.

“It’s a time period that is pretty unfamiliar for a lot of people when Christianity was happening in North Africa, pre-Islam, [and] still Roman Empire,” says Godwin.

“It’s marvelous to think that these stories were started by North Africans saying, ‘Please tell our stories.’ And not only are we telling them for North Africa, but we’re getting to tell them for other parts of the world too. So [it is] such a privilege to get to do that and just to remember that you don’t have to be big and famous and rich to have an influence. You just have to be faithful.”

The cast and crew from Cyprian, part of The Heritage Series with IMM. (Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries)

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Header photo from Cyprian, part of The Heritage Series. Photo courtesy of IMM.