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By March 5, 2019

United States (MNN) — Global Disciples is shaking things up with how it helps the Church get involved with the Great Commission. The most forms of mission engagement are the “pray, give, go” methods. However, this is not the only approach.

“Pray, give, go is a typical approach for churches to take in getting involved with a mission agency or, even you’ll see that on a lot of mission agency websites. In listening to church leaders, what we’ve discerned is only a certain number of people in the congregation, a limited number, are going to feel like they’re really pray-ers [or go-ers], and maybe get involved,” Jerry Meadows with Global Disciples explains.

Passions Meet Great Commission

This begs the question—how do we engage those who don’t fall under the “pray, give, go” formula? Global Disciples has some ideas for how people can get involved with Kingdom work.

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“[When people call] our next thought is not a statement but perhaps a question. How would you like to get involved with missions? What are you already interested in doing? How has God gifted you? What involvement do you already have in your church? If we can lock into the individual or group’s interest or affinities or gifts and skillsets, then we can help them craft a very personalized way to be involved,” Meadows says.

For example, someone who enjoys running can use their passion to help reach the least reached people. This can look like signing up for a 5k race and using the race to bring awareness and advocacy for the cause. Meadows also suggests in the practice runs, use the time to pray for unreached peoples or the cause the individual has chosen.

“Inspiration without information is just hype. Information without inspiration is just boring. But, inspiration and information without involvement, it’s no good at all. What we need is involvement…[If] we can lock into an affinity like running or even some form of hobby or habit, then we can get traction in their personal life, which will lead them to a life of worship and stewardship,” Meadows explains.

“And really, that’s where we want to get people, too. We want to help churches ingrain a life of worship and stewardship into the average person attending church.”

Get Involved

Want to find out how to inspire your church to engage with the Great Commission? Then visit to find resources to help. These resources include church and group leader resources, event fundraising ideas, social media resources, a 40-day prayer guide and more.

Find resources to use your passions to get involved with the Great Commission here!

Or, feel free to contact the Global Disciples’ office for more information at 717-290-7550.

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