Finding new life in Croatia

By December 3, 2015

Croatia (MNN) — Croatia typically makes headlines these days because of the thousands of refugees passing through its lands daily.


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For example, according to Total Croatia News, nearly 460,000 refugees have passed through Croatia since the start of the refugee crisis.

Cold weather and stricter border controls are slowing down the mass movement of peoples, but refugees are still bound and determined to reach safe havens like Germany.

Today though, LIFE International‘s Kurt Dillinger shares details about a different movement underway within Croatia’s borders that will save lives. It began last year with a woman named *Ana.

Bringing life to Croatia

Each year, LIFE International’s Eastern European Regional Office holds a summit for life-giving ministries. The conference has three goals: training, encouragement, and prayer.

(Representative photo courtesy LIFE International)

(Representative photo courtesy LIFE International)

Read about the 2015 summit here.

Larysa Ploskonis, Director of LIFE International’s Eastern European office, first met Ana at the 2014 summit.

“God put on her heart to create a life-giving ministry in the country of Croatia,” shares Dillinger.

With prayer support, training, and resources from LIFE International’s Eastern Europe office, Ana was able to begin “Choose Life Ministry” one year after attending the summit. Learning from crisis pregnancy centers in neighboring nations, Ana and her staff are now able to meet with their first clients.

As desperate women learn about Christ’s forgiveness and redemption, they find hope and new life. “Tonya” is a perfect example. She “was in this crisis moment” when she entered the clinic, Dillinger explains.

But then, “[she] heard about the life-giving message of Jesus Christ and chose life for her child. Ana was so excited; she sent us that message [right away].

“We are all called to celebrate when a life is saved. With the angels in heaven, and with all the believers who are [reading this story], we can celebrate this life because we know that God has destiny, God has purpose for that life in Croatia.”

In recent days, a LIFE International team helped to dedicate Choose Life Ministry to the Lord in prayer.

“We just celebrate with her at the beginning of this ministry, starting to bring life into this nation that, right now, is so overburdened with so many needs.”

(Representative photo courtesy LIFE International)

(Representative photo courtesy LIFE International)

Ana is ready to help women find hope and healing – will you partner with LIFE International to help her?

* name changed for security reasons


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