Findings to be released at no cost

By August 6, 2009

International (MNN) — OneHope began research in 22 countries in 2006. They focused their
energies on finding out more about the youth in each location. Three years later, they are releasing the information free of charge at the U.N.-sanctioned International Youth Day on August

Their hope is that the availability of this research will enable other organizations to fine-tune their ministries for the youth in each country so that it is more effective.

The difference between OneHope's research and previous studies is that it gets at the qualitative elements needed not only to identify the problem but to determine the cause of the problem.

Some of the findings include:

  • 74 percent of youth say they do
    not want to be a virgin when they marry (Spain)
  • 70 percent of youth believe that
    ghosts do or may exist (Swaziland) 
  • 79 percent of youth are not sure
    or do not believe there is a God (Namibia)
  • 89 percent of youth spend less
    than an hour a week talking to their fathers and 75 percent of youth spend
    less than an hour a week talking to their mothers (Columbia)

 There are also sections of research regarding family relationships, behaviors and moral
influences, daily pastimes and future goals, among many other things.

Rob Hoskins, president of OneHope is quoted as saying, "To truly understand youth, we need to hear from them." This is precisely what this research is about as OneHope seeks to fulfill their mission of reaching the world's youth with the message of the Bible. 

Pray that this research will be an effective tool for ministries all over the world. Pray that the time that OneHope dedicated to this project will be blessed with fruitful

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