Fine-tuning needed for Mozambique studio

By June 3, 2013

Mozambique (MNN) — The studio for recording audio Bibles in Mozambique is finished, but it still needs some vital fine-tuning.

Audio Scripture Ministries is waiting to get additions like studio office equipment, a battery backup system, a parking lot, trees, a water well, and a vehicle.

Tom Dudenhofer with ASM reports, “The building is fully functional right now. Actually the team is in there doing some New Testament recordings right now. We’re able to do trainings in the building, but there are areas that need to be finished. And if we let these go too long, they’ll actually cause us some problems down the road.”

ASM dedicated their building last October. The total cost of the building additions should be between $25,000-30,000.

“We’re really just asking God’s people [who] have an interest in this particular ministry to consider being a part of finishing this project in a really good, strong way that would allow the ministry not only to function, but to grow in the years to come,” Dudenhofer says.

Other people have noticed the need for fine-tuning on the building as well.

“We’re located near a Bible college, so we have access to a lot of young people who are coming for Bible training from all over the country of Mozambique. But those people who visit the area recognize that it’s very sandy, very hot, and there are things that need to be put into the building and around the building that will allow it to be fully functional,” says Dudenhofer.

The population of Mozambique has made incredible progress towards faith in Christ. According to The Joshua Project, 85% of the population has an established Church presence.

But there are still various groups in Mozambique who hold to Islam and animistic beliefs.
ASM won’t rest until every group in Mozambique has been reached with the Good News of Christ.

Upgrading the ASM studio will help them in that mission.
In addition to their Mozambique building upgrades, ASM hopes to ship 3,500 audio Bible players to various areas of Mozambique. So far, they’ve shipped 1,400 players. They need $60,900 to cover the cost of the players.

If you’d like learn more about the Mozambique studio additions, you can request information by e-mailing [email protected]

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