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By December 10, 2015

USA (MNN) — Bringing the Gospel to 51 million people who’ve never heard about Jesus Christ can’t be done by one mission group or one church alone. That’s why a network of churches and groups meet each year in the U.S. to measure progress and collaborate at the Finishing the Task Conference.

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Francis Chan opens his message with a humbling prayer at the Finishing the Task Conference #Finishing2015
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As stated here, “Finishing The Task (FTT) is a network of mission agencies and churches that desires to see reproducing churches planted among every people group in the world. The focus of the FTT network is to recruit full-time workers for unengaged, unreached people groups.”

At this year’s gathering, Frontiers USA President Bob Blincoe met with other leaders who are focused on fulfilling the Great Commission.

“Frontiers has a small but crucial role in finishing the task of engagement, as it pertains to the Muslim world,” Blincoe explains.

“We are helping churches all over the United States move from dream to reality, in terms of what they can actually do to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the Muslim peoples of the world.”

Based in the United States, Frontiers partners with U.S. churches and individuals to reach “unengaged” Muslim groups for Christ. According to Blincoe, “engaging” a people group with the Good News is about more than handing out tracts.

“It means landing people on-the-ground and living [there] long-term, learning language and culture for the purpose of planting churches. That’s all we do,” he explains.

According to Frontiers, there are 1,108 Muslim people groups worldwide who have no access to the message of Jesus Christ. By 2025, Frontiers hopes to reduce that number to zero. Learn how here.

Unreached and unengaged Muslims are also among those coming to the U.S. as refugees.

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

“People far from the Gospel are becoming our near neighbors. We need to be welcomers,” Blincoe observes.

Right now, Frontiers is working with U.S. churches to reach Muslims on the home front. “That is a great goal in-and-of itself,” says Blincoe.

“But the Frontiers emphasis will continue to be in the restricted-access Muslim homelands, where there is no [Gospel] witness.”

See how your skills and passions can help reach the Muslim world for Christ.

“We’re ‘in it to win it’ with many other mission agencies, churches, [and] donors. But, there’s still room for brand-new people to get started in pioneer, frontier mission work among Muslim peoples.”

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  • I am happy to meet a group of army of Jesus who is ready to take the gospel of Jesus to the unreach peoples group. I will be happy to partner with your group to see how far the Lord will lead us. thinks.

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