Fire chars over 500 homes in Thai refugee camp

By February 27, 2012

Thailand (MNN) — Fire ripped through a refugee camp late last week, charring over 500 makeshift houses in a Thai refugee camp.

When Vision Beyond Borders received the news, the flames were still not quenched.

At this point, it is still unclear as to whether or not the fire was intentional.

The refugee camp is just 10 km from the Burma border. Although the Burmese government appears to be making good on some promises to improve conditions for the most oppressed in the nation, many Burmese citizens were forced to flee to save their lives in years past. Thousands ended up in refugee camps, many in Thailand.

Some of these refugees, who have already suffered extreme trauma and loss, are now without homes even within the safe haven of a refugee camp. VBB contacts report that household supplies are also in great need as a result of this untimely fire.

Replacing the supplies is not as costly as it could be. For $30, a family can get a mat, a cooking pan and spoon, a frying pan and spoon, two plates, two cups, two blankets, a mosquito net, and a few other miscellaneous items. Click here to help provide these much-needed items.

Above all, the need for prayer is urgent. Through the work of VBB's contacts in the refugee camps, many refugees have come to Christ during while in the camps. Pray that they would cling to Him in this most recent disaster. Pray that those who do not yet know Him would come to Christ even now. Pray for wisdom, also, as VBB workers attempt to rebuild what has been lost.

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