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Published on 09 January, 2017

Fire destroys two homes in two Indian villages

India (MNN) — As we were getting ready to celebrate the coming of the New Year, India Partners received the news that two families they worked with had met with disaster.

(Photo courtesy of India Partners).

Fire destroyed this family’s home. (Photo courtesy of India Partners)

One of their partners works in Andhra Pradesh, planting churches. They passed on the news that two families in two separate villages were without homes. Fire had destroyed them.

Donna Glass of India Partners says, “They’ve lost everything. They lived in a thatched-roof home and they’re burned to the ground. And they both have children.”

India Partners has no reason at this time to believe this was an act of persecution. Either way, because this area is impoverished, the family will have a difficult time finding a new home.

“When you live in extreme poverty, you don’t have home owners insurance. You can’t afford it — you can barely afford to put food on the table. They’re day laborers. And everybody in their church — these areas that we go into to plant churches —they’re also living in extreme poverty.”

So far, Glass explains, there has been no government assistance. But this is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to step into action.

This family's home was completely destroyed by fire. (Photo courtesy of India Partners).

This family’s home was completely destroyed by fire. (Photo courtesy of India Partners).

For just $20, you’ll be providing the basic needs for a family member. This will provide them with clean water, blankets, and a sleeping mat. Fortunately, the families have taken shelter with their extended family. However, because of the prevalent poverty and the cramped living situations, this is only a temporary solution.

Any extra funds given past the basics will go towards rebuilding their home.

“Anything people can provide to help would be such a blessing and would be showing these people that God really hasn’t forgotten them. They are members of a church, and their immediate church family may be just as poor as they are, if not poorer, but they are part of a greater Church family. We are a global Church family.”

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  1. A heartbreaking thing for these families to go through

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Call to action

  • Please pray for these two families -- that they would trust in God.
  • Ask God to bless this community and that the Gospel would spread.
  • Consider giving so that these families can get their homes back.

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