Fire follows flooding in the Philippines

By February 4, 2011

Philippines (MNN) — Just on the heels of large floods and landslides that affected nearly two million Filipinos came a fire late last week in Navotas, Philippines.

According to The Philippine Star news network, the five-hour Metro Manila fire came during preparations for a village fiesta that would take place the next day. The cause of the fire is unclear.

The fire lasted long enough to wipe out two entire villages, reports Food for the Hungry (FH). Twelve people were killed, six of whom were children. 364 families suddenly found they were homeless as their homes burned to the ground.

Fourteen of those families affected were affiliated directly with FH. Fifteen members of FH partner churches were also victims of the flames, suffering damage to their homes and assets. The brand new San Roque Elementary School building was also destroyed.

FH/Canada supports a center in San Roque and responded directly. $2,000 was sent to provide basic aid.

FH/Philippines provided an immediate response by offering potable drinking water to affected families at the evacuation centers. An FH partner church has been providing food and shelter to various families as well.

FH/Philippines is currently working on purchasing tents and mats, especially for families who fear their land will be confiscated if they lose it.

FH is attempting to be Christ's hands and feet as best they can, giving out aid in Jesus' name. If you would like to help FH as they reach out to these suffering victims, click here.

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