Fire sweeps a government-run orphanage in Honduras

By November 29, 2011

Honduras (BOC/MNN) — In Honduras, government-run orphanages
tend to face similar challenges: they are typically overcrowded, under-staffed,
and under-funded.  

Buckner International has been providing humanitarian aid to
one such home, Nueva Esperanza, since beginning work in the city of San Pedro
Sula in 2006. 

However, the ministry is stepping up its response after a
fire 10 days ago forced the evacuation of all 150 children. Local papers reported
the cause of the fire as electrical.  

All of the children, ranging in age from infants to 14 years
old, escaped the flames safely.  Most were
relocated to another government orphanage nearby, but overcrowding at the
orphanage causes concern, said Yaneth Contreras, director of Buckner Honduras.

"Buckner staff in San Pedro Sula visited the orphanage to see the children and assess the needs," she said. "At this time, the
government is planning to move the children to private orphanages in San Pedro
Sula and Tegucigalpa. We will be helping with transportation of aid to the
children at the private homes until repairs can be made on the building."

Contreras said Buckner will also be providing financial
support to repair the building's electrical and air conditioning system and is
seeking donations to help their efforts.   

The relationship between Buckner and Nueva Esperanza has
been building over the last five years. Aside from the aid the ministry sends, they send
Gospel mission teams regularly to help meet other needs at the orphanage.     

Buckner also runs a transitional housing program for
children aging out of orphan care. Residents are enrolled in an academic,
vocational, or rehabilitation program. Services include case management, room
and board, education, job training, tutoring and mentoring.

Buckner International is a global faith-based ministry that
seeks to make life better for orphans, vulnerable children, and families. To
learn more, visit


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