First Haiti medical missions trip a success.

By December 11, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–Hopegivers International’s first-ever Haiti medical mission team returned home afire with success of their recent trip.
Hopegivers’s Robby Brumberg says their team served at a children’s home in Ouanaminthe (wanna-mint), not far from the Dominican Republic border.

First, their function: The team provided treatment and diagnoses for the 18 children at Hope Home, as well as for orphanage staff and local villagers. Brumberg says, “They brought all kinds of things for blood pressure, antibiotics, and they ended up setting up a mini clinic there, and they trained the orphanage staff on how to administer each medicine to each specific child according to his or her ailment.”

Secondly, their purpose: helping a partner, Pastor Willio Joseph, who leads a church and runs a school and an orphanage there. “Pastor Willio is very passionate about saving children, but also he wants to see each one come to know our Lord in a personal relationship with Him. That’s his main focus, that’s his main drive, and that’s what he does everyday.”

Hopegivers support makes a tangible difference in the area. In August, they helped launched a new water well project. Since its completion in October, the well has become a source of life not only for Pastor Willio Joseph and his children at the Hope Home, but for the surrounding community as well.

Pastor Willio estimates that at least 500 people are now benefiting from the well’s clean water. Prior to that, the day’s water was drawn from a stagnant well or from the polluted River Massacre.

The team also visited Willio’s school where 402 children are given an opportunity to learn. The school was also opened thanks to help from Hopegivers.

Brumberg excitedly shares how this multi-armed ministry allows them the opportunity to forge deep-rooted friendships that grow to fruition. This first trip, he explains, laid the groundwork for year-round partnerships in Haiti. Another team is slated to arrive December 19.

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