First Nations ministry now 500 years old

By May 27, 2011

USA (MNN) — It's been 500 years since Christians first started reaching out to Native Americans. Despite that, just slightly more than 5% of Native Americans have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

According to Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Native American young people have the highest rates of violent crime, alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, and suicide. The only way to combat that is with the Gospel. That's why they're taking the message to them through their On Eagles' Wings summer outreach initiative.

If you are like most people, the needs of Native American youth are off your radar. According to Ron Hutchcraft, "You only have to look into their eyes, as I have, to see the sadness. They believe there is no reason to dream because they have no future."

He's encouraging you to help them win the prayer war — before the teams of First Nations and Native young people move in. Hutchcraft is inviting you to find out more about the mission field of Native America.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries is offering a free "Pray for Native America" Kit — for you, your family, or your church. You'll discover why the spiritual need is so great in Native America, how hope will arrive this summer, see the "hope stories" of God at work, and get equipped to push back the darkness through prayer.

The 2011 On Eagles' Wings Native outreach plans are underway, and your prayers are needed. The staff and OEW team desperately need your prayers for protection. The battles that will determine what happens on reservations this summer are raging right now.

Hutchcraft says, "With the faithful support of On Eagles' Wings prayer warriors, we believe there can be historic breakthroughs on as many as 12 reservations."

You can request your "Pray for Native America" prayer kit by clicking here.


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