Five Compassion centers shut down, reopened

By August 24, 2010

Bolivia (MNN) — Five Compassion International child development centers were closed recently due to unrest in Bolivia.

Protestors in Potosi, Bolivia were protesting against the government on several accounts. According to BBC News, demands from the government included the construction of a cement plant and an airport, as well as a settlement of a border dispute with neighboring city Oruro.

Besides shutting down major roads and flights, and cutting off food supplies and various mines, the 19-day protest closed five Compassion centers temporarily.

The protests recently subsided after the government agreed to some of the demands. Compassion centers have been able to start up again, which is especially important so that kids can get nourishment. Markets and stores have yet to reopen.

Pray that the area of Potosi would remain in a state of peace, and that kids would be able to learn about the Lord uninterrupted once again at Compassion sites. Pray that Compassion workers would have opportunities to reach out to neighbors as the area cools down from a heated few weeks.

If your sponsored child has been affected by the recent events in Bolivia, Compassion will contact you to let you know. Compassion Bolivia will continue to send updates as they come in. If you do not sponsor a child in Bolivia but would like to, click here.


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