Five new languages added to Faith Comes by Hearing audio catalog

By August 14, 2012

Int'l (MNN) — Nearly 3 million people now have access to God's Word in their native tongue, thanks to new translations added to Faith Comes By Hearing's collection of audio Scriptures.

One recently-added language, Buglere, is spoken by only 2,500 people in Panama. Native tongues of Kenya, Mexico, Nepal and Thailand also recently joined the Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) audio library. Since its founding in 1972, this audio ministry has translated the Word of God into a total of 662 languages in 185 countries, reaching nearly 5 billion people worldwide.

In the past year, FCBH has added nearly 100 languages to their collection of New Testament translations. New translations are submitted monthly. Read more about the ministry's growth spurt.

You can help bring God's Word in audio to unreached nations. Click here to support FCBH.

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