Flannelgraph and storytelling take the Gospel into Mozambique

By May 11, 2010

Mozambique (MNN) — Storytelling
is one way the Gospel is getting into the far-flung villages of

Vision Beyond Borders just sent
10 flannelgraph sets to their partners to help ministry teams illustrate
children's and adult Bible studies. 

partners have a team going in who will be teaching the unchurched children in the
village of Mafarinha. They will also be holding Bible studies in the
bairros. There are five Bible studies per
week taking place in five different bairros. 

ministry coordinator shares, "These people have AIDS, and many have come to know
Jesus as their Savior through the ministry of Project Life which is part of the
Ray of Light Project in partnership with Children's Relief
International. Most of the people cannot read their Bible as they are

However, the people love to hear the stories of the Bible and try to memorize them so
they can tell friends and family. The flannelgraphs will serve as a
teaching tool during the studies. 

A little help goes a long way. The
ministry team also says they expect to use the flannelgraph sets in their
schools. "We have two preschools and a
1st-12th grade school in development (El Shaddai), and we serve 600
children at this time. Also we have 9 church plants…so they will be
passed around often."

VBB supports evangelistic
partners by providing items such as clothing, seeds, Bibles, and flannelgraph
sets.  Click here to learn more.

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