Flood causes family to ask, What now?

By November 3, 2014

highriverCanada (MNN/WRN) — Unexpected damages come into life, and we are left with the question: what now?

In 2008, the Caberra family immigrated from the Philippines to Canada. In 2013 they bought a home in High River, Alberta, but disaster struck just a few months later, wrecking their home and lives.

Their home was struck by a flood. The interior of their home was left greatly damaged, the flood wiped out their deck, and it eroded soil around the house’s foundation.

The exterior concrete wall of the carport shifted and cracked during the flood, leaving that part of structure unstable. As a result, the garage wall needed to be removed and replaced.

Their house was left in shambles.

Lawrence Caberra was determined to bring the house back to living conditions. Unfortunately he was recovering from a car accident that left him with a neck injury, and the family figured that they were left on their own.

But they were far from it.

World Renew Disaster Response Services contacted the family, who was overjoyed to hear that help was on the way.

WRN’s mission is to help rebuild homes and lives, while also ministering to families affected by disasters.

The volunteer team was able to fix the damaged deck and build more support beams for it. They also were able to remove the cracked cement wall with the help of a sledgehammer and a concrete saw. They were able to replace it with a more solid wall, ensuring that the structure would be safe and secure once more.

“Lawrence said that we were helping him and his family get their lives back,” said volunteer Ken Evans. “And we thank God that we were able to be of service.”

Click here to help World Renew help families like the Caberras.

Pray that the Caberra family will be able to get back on their feet and that WRN will continue helping families who have gone through disasters.

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