Flood destroyed everything, AMG brings aid

By October 24, 2014

globovisionpakistanfloodaug17Pakistan (AMG) — Editor’s Note: Christina Javed is a national worker with AMG International in Pakistan who is involved in various ministries such as providing free legal aid to poor Christians and distributing food to families in need. The following is an AMG update from Pakistan:

Recently, Pakistan experienced heavy monsoon rains and severe flooding that affected many families. In the name of Jesus, Christina Javed and her team were able to distribute 70 food packs to 70 families who were devastated by the flooding. They were also able to share the story of the woman at the well from the Gospel of John.

Christina was able to minister to a woman named Rabia who lost a family member in the flood. She writes, “Rabia’s family is one of those families who were severely affected by the 2014 floods in Pakistan. She got married in December 2013. She told us, ‘We live in a village near Jhang, and when the rainy season started, our family was very worried because we were still recovering from 2010 floods.’ She was pregnant at that time.

Christina with Rabia and her baby (Photo courtesy AMG Int'l)

Christina with Rabia and her baby (Photo courtesy AMG Int’l)

Her father-in-law and her husband are farmers who got a small piece of land on lease, and the whole family works in the fields. She said that they were sleeping when the flood water entered their village. “It destroyed everything,” said Rabia. She lost her mother-in-law in flood. She, along with her husband and father-in-law, managed to escape and came to the Jhang city. She gave birth to a baby girl in the camp, and now she is living in the camp. She has nothing to eat and wear.

Pray that Christina and her team will be able to continue working in others’ lives and sharing the gospel.

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