Flood survivors face winter

By December 30, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — Flood survivors in Pakistan face severe cold and the
threat of disease as winter sets in. Operation Mobilization is helping by distributing warm clothing,
blankets, and mosquito nets to needy families. 

OM's team of seven people recently distributed 1,000 warm clothing
packages to families in the north, and 250 to families in the south. The team faced challenges from damaged roads,
as one truck got stuck along the way and had to be replaced with two smaller

The families were very thankful
for the provisions. "We are thankful to you that you came to help us in such cold weather,"
the Pakistanis said. "We have seen you
before, and you guys do hard work for us and bring things that we need."

The blankets and clothing were sorely needed, OM's team leader
explained. "With winter coming on, it is really cold here. There are lots of areas
where there is not much in the way of buildings or tree. Many people are living
in the open air, or in houses made by weaving long grasses into panels," he
said.  "During the flood, many people
lost everything. They left their villages and went into internally displaced
people's (IDPs) camps, and they are now returning to nothing of their own. This
latest package enables them to have some form of protection from cold."

Many of the displaced families had met the OM team previously, when the team
distributed food. As a result,
the people had greater trust for the team and more openness to hear about the

"We had opportunities to talk with people and share with them," the
team leader said. "All of them know that
this distribution is through the efforts of the Christian brothers and sisters
who have given the donations generously for them in this time of need."

OM recently completed the reconstruction of ten houses destroyed by the
flood. Pray for the team as they consider
how to continue reconstruction and replanting projects for the flood
survivors in the new year.  Additionally,
you can help support the work.   

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