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Published on 01 December, 2010

Flooded Colombia under a state of emergency

Colombia (MNN) — A national disaster has been declared
throughout major portions of Colombia in the midst of devastating rain that is
described as the worst in at least 30 years.

More than 130 deaths have been reported in recent weeks
with an estimated 1.3 million affected by severe flooding. 28 of the country's 32 provinces were
submerged at the worst point of the crisis.

Heavy rainstorms last Wednesday had the Bogota River at
its highest level in 30 years. The
swollen river burst its banks and flooded streets, resulting in closed
roads in many places and landslides in the mountainous areas.  

Four Compassion-assisted centers were
affected by the severe rains and flooding. At one, the center staff had to move their offices and records to avoid
serious damage. They also reported
that several homes of Compassion-assisted
children were affected.

In the mountainous region, children were
vulnerable to the heavy rains and landslides. However, those living in the lowlands were
more severely affected. Approximately
seven Compassion-assisted children lost nearly everything due to a gully
overflowing, while 90 Compassion-assisted children from another lowland district lost their homes to the

Aid officials say the situation could become worse as
weather forecasters are predicting heavy rains could continue into the New

Please pray that the rains would stop and that further damage
would be averted. Pray for all of those affected, that God would protect their


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