Flooding claims another part of South Asia

By October 18, 2010

Bangladesh (GFA/MNN) — Nearly half a
million Bangladeshis are homeless after heavy storms dumped up to a foot
of rain in Bangladesh and its neighbor, Manipur, India.  

The rains caused flash flooding. In Bangladesh, 17 people have been confirmed dead;
dozens more are missing, and thousands are unable to return to their flooded

Tidal surges created by three days of storms caused
the flooding. The most vulnerable were people
who were living in huts made of bamboo and straw, which could not stand up to the five-foot
waves. As a result, thousands
of Bangladeshis are living in shelters, waiting for the water to subside.

"This is another heartbreaking crisis for one of
the most poor, downtrodden countries in the world," said Gospel for Asia
President KP Yohannan. "It is another opportunity for us to show Christ's
love by responding to the suffering as He would have us do."

Gospel for Asia's Compassion Services teams are
already in Bangladesh reaching out to the people with practical help and the hope
of Jesus.

"As has happened in the past, we have our people on
the ground who are able to respond to these who are in desperate need,"
Yohannan said. "They are already responding to this; we just need to get them
more help."

Floodwaters also swept across much of neighboring
Manipur, India, damaging several GFA-supported churches and Bridge of Hope
centers, and affecting 55,000 households.  

Four rivers overflowed their banks, inundating harvest-ready paddy fields and
destroying fish farms and other crops. The worst damage is in the Imphal City, where
people did all they could to move their families and few meager belongings to
higher ground.

Four Bridge of Hope centers and one church also
sustained damage. The buildings will be closed until the water recedes and
necessary repairs can be made. Several GFA workers from the
Bridge of Hope centers, as well as the missionaries, are dealing with flooded
homes, too.

GFA-supported missionaries are distributing
emergency food rations, dry clothing and bed linens, and other household items
to the victims. Most importantly, the teams are taking time to listen and pray
with the people. You can help. Click here.

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