Flooding damages churches, destroys homes

By October 7, 2009

Philippines (MNN) — At least 1.9 million people have been affected by Typhoon Ketsana. Severe flooding has displaced over 450,000 and has accounted for the deaths of over 250 people.

The Evangelical Free Church of the Philippines has 17 churches in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines, which has suffered severe flood damage. Many of these churches have suffered a great deal of loss already.

Since many church buildings are two-story structures, flooding does not seem to have completely destroyed any of the EFC churches. However, two churches were filled with over six feet of water, destroying all Sunday school materials and parsonages, and instantly pushing the pastors and their families from their homes.

The members of the EFC of the Philippines churches have also suffered a great deal. Those who have not lost their houses completely suffered four to six foot flooding for hours, costing them every food item and possession. Most of their money was washed away, but if money were available, it would be worth little; most of the local shops have had their supplies destroyed as well.

EFCA TouchGlobal is responding to this crisis as they can. Relief response teams will be sent out quickly. The response work will be mainly through local pastors who can look after their congregations and reach out through their churches to others suffering loss.

Immediate short-term needs include safe drinking water, food, housing, clothing and medicine. To provide these necessities, monetary donations are most welcome due to the cost and time of shipping. Relief efforts will meet the immediate short-term needs and will eventually include long-term rebuilding projects.

The TouchGlobal effort will reach out to people by providing for physical needs but will also focus on opportunities to provide spiritually. Pray that when people see that the church cares and is providing relief, they will be inclined to follow Christ. Pray that Christ would shine brightly through response teams, local pastors, and the Church Body in the Philippines.

EFCA is looking for response teams to go to the Philippines and serve. If you can help organize a team through your church, contact [email protected].

To find out more about the effects of Typhoon Ketsana in the Philippines or to give to relief efforts, click here.

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