Flooding hits India hard, Christians respond

By August 13, 2007

India (MNN) — Monsoon rains are common in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. But this year, the rains are especially bad. Christians are beginning to take action and reach out in Jesus' name.

India Partners is one of those organizations. India Partners president Brent Hample says, "Close to 2,000 people are confirmed dead, and close to 30 million people have been affected. In India, over 1,000 died, and over 18 million are homeless."

The number of people affected will rise as floodwaters recede, and water-borne diseases start to spread.

Hample reports people weren't the only ones affected. "Tens of thousands of livestock have died–goats, buffalos–and these are the main source of livelihood for many villagers."

A local agency of India Partners e-mailed the following: "The sea and rivers are overflowing. All our surrounding area villages are flooded. All the crops in the fields are destroyed. Due to this, there are many mosquitoes and dreadful diseases. People are scared. So please pray for this disaster."

India Partners is gearing up to help, says Hample. "We are trying to gather $10,000 that will provide food and temporary shelter for 333 families. That comes out to $30 per family. This will provide about three weeks of food for a family of five."

He says it does more than provide food. "It can open doors for people to come to know Jesus, come to know a loving God. Many people in India can't even conceive of a God who cares for them and loves them. By going in and freely giving, it's just like grace from our Father."

Monsoon season hits the area every year, says Hample. "It's needed by the farmers for irrigation for their crops. But this year's monsoon has been very heavy, very strong and severe. Entire villages are being flooded and washed away."

India Partners is teaming up with an indigenous Christian humanitarian organization to provide this relief. Hample's asking Christians to pray. "Workers in the field can have problems because they are representing a Christian faith-based organization. And,there has been opposition to that, of course, over the years."

"Please pray for those struggling in the floods. Pray for protection and assistance to arrive soon. Everyone can do something, no matter how small, to help another in need. Act now," says Hample.

India Partners has been working with indigenous agencies in India since 1984. India Partners supports a variety of programs for the poor of India, from building schools and medical clinics, to micro-credit programs and the rescue of commercial sex workers.

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