Flooding in Africa affects millions

By October 15, 2007

Africa (MNN) — Flooding in West and East Africa is affecting hundreds of thousands in that region of the world.

World Vision's disaster operations specialist Rose Kimeu says, "The flooding that we're seeing now is the worse flooding we've seen in 30 years. And what makes it so bad is that it's actually causing some epidemics of some diseases — malaria and diarrhea. It's really getting bad."

Kimeu describes one reason for the increase in diseases. "We've received reports that some water points have been contaminated. So we're now trying very hard to work against the epidemic of disease which could prove to be very disastrous. An outbreak of a disease could definitely lead to malnutrition and also lead to high mortality rates."

According to Kimeu, many are affected. "The floods are in at least 21 countries in Africa, and we know that at least 1.5 million people are affected. World Vision is working in several countries including Uganda, Ethiopia and Ghana."

Kimeu says many child sponsorship programs have been affected, but they've been able to provide temporary shelter, mosquito nets and food aid. She's concerned that this disaster hasn't received the media attention that is deserves.

Without media attention, Kimeu says raising funding and awareness has been difficult. "We really could use everyone's help. We could use your donations."

She's asking people to pray for those who are suffering and those who are assisting. Kimeu says God uses this type of an emergency. "Every time we go to provide support, we do that with the love of Jesus, and we see ourselves as the hands and feet of Jesus. So through the support that we give, people are able to see the love of God, and they're able to actually think about how God loves them."

If you'd like to help World Vision in this emergency response, click here.

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