Flooding leaves thousand homeless in Indonesia

By February 6, 2007

Indonesia (MNN) — Days of torrential rains are responsible
for 29 deaths and has forced more than 300,000 people from their homes in the
worst flooding in Indonesia in five years. The rains have also caused problems
for ministry in the region.

AMG International
has work there.  AMG's Paul Jenks describes the situation.
"75-percent of Jakarta is flooded. Most of the work that we do with
children in Jakarta are the poorest of the poor and live along drainage canals
and are very, very susceptible to flooding, when even a small flood

Roger Thomas just returned from AMG's work in Indonesia. He
describes what happens at the child care center. "It's a matter of
providing a good healthy meal every day, help with their homework, help with
their school uniforms and supplies so they're able to go to school, medical
care when needed," he says.

They also tell Bible stories, sing Christian songs and
invite the parents to Bible studies and prayer meetings. 

According to Jenks, this outreach isn't easy. "The
reality is that Indonesia is the largest population of Muslims anywhere in the
world and so of course there are those in the community that frown upon us
doing ministry among children and their families."

However, that's not stopping their work.  Jenks says, "We have to be sensitive. We
never attack the local religion, but we do demonstrate the love of Jesus
Christ. And, when asked, 'why is it that you're here?' we freely explain salvation
and then teach God's Word."

While Jenks doesn't have official word, he's not holding up
hope that these sites are operational. "I'm sure that their all under
water. We're going to have to find alternate sites just to b able to do

Boats may be needed just to get into some of the affected

In the mean time, AMG International has already committed
funds for disaster relief. Jenks says your support is needed. "This is the
fourth major disaster that Indonesia has had in just the last couple of years.
It seems to be a place that's prone for such things. So, it's wonderful to have
funds readily available so that we can respond immediately when there is such a

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