Flooding recedes in one state, takes over in others

By September 22, 2010

Mexico (MNN) — In early September, we reported that flooding in southern Mexico had affected several Compassion International child development centers. According to Compassion, things have not gotten much better.

In our previous reports, the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz had been affected. Currently these two states are still dealing with the effects of heavy rains and flooding, and two new neighboring states have been added to the list.

The states of Chiapas and Tabasco are still too far under water for damages to be properly assessed. It looks as though this process may take a while since, Compassion reports, the water has not yet begun to drain. Food, water and other necessities have been requested in these states.

In the meantime, health risks are quickly mounting. Large amounts of water not only threaten with mosquitoes, parasites, and disease, but now with predators as well. Crocodiles and snakes have been seen in the water, posing an immediate threat to the safety of anyone not yet in a shelter.

Over 50 percent of the children from one Compassion facility in the area have had to flee their homes and are living in shelters. Over 70 families have been affected in the two states. Many have lost a great deal, and Compassion staff are now working to prevent further damage by educating church partners about the potential for disease. Pray that proper measures would be taken to avoid any outbreaks.

The nearby states of Oaxaca and Veracruz also have yet to go back to normal.

One child development center in Oaxaca was completely flooded by heavy rains. All of the center's furniture was destroyed as a result. Many women in Oaxaca who cook for a living have lost their cooking utensils. The risk of disease looms over this state as well.

Veracruz seems to be doing the best out of the four suffering states. Although flooding has not completely subsided, water levels have come down significantly, and clean-up has begun. Still, more than 70 Compassion-assisted children and families from Veracruz were affected and face the same trials as flood victims in neighboring states. Compassion staff are doling out food, water, and housecleaning kits to Compassion-assisted families who have been affected by the high waters.

Throughout these ordeals, many Compassion centers have had to close at least temporarily. Pray that the centers would be up and running again so students can return and learn about Christ. Pray that Compassion-assisted families would cling to the Lord through this hardship and grow closer to Him as a result.

If you sponsor a child in the affected areas, Compassion will contact you directly. If you don't sponsor a child in the area but would like to help, donate to Compassion's disaster relief work.

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