Floods breach Pakistan borders, spread to India

By August 26, 2010

Pakistan/India (MNN) — Even though 20 percent of Pakistan
is still under water, the angry flood waters know no boundaries. The floods
have now spread into two provinces in India, creating a crisis in that country as well.

Speaking from an airport in India, KP
Yohannan of Gospel for Asia shared an update about the devastation. "Not only [is] the
flooding [in] Pakistan becoming a huge crisis, but now in many parts of India,
it is becoming a problem. In one region, some 170 families are affected and
have lost everything."

Some 145 people are dead in the Indian state of Jammu and
Kashmir, while 500 are still missing. To the south, 11 villages are under water
in Andhra Pradesh, and hundreds are missing. At least 1,000 Christians are
among those affected in the area.

In Andhra Pradesh, this is the second time floods have swept
the state in 12 months.

Thankfully, Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries on the ground
were able to respond immediately with relief in the form of food, clean water
and other necessary supplies. Yohannan said this is GFA's advantage in crises
like this: they are able to reach out before most other aid groups even enter the

Unfortunately, this also means that some GFA's missionaries did
not remain unscathed by the waters and are in need of help themselves.

For those who are able to help in the relief, Yohannan said
they view the floods as an opportunity rather than a setback: "Calamities
and crisis and pain–regardless of country or culture–[are a] huge opportunity
for us to demonstrate God's love for these people."

With the coupling of physical aid and spiritual outreach, GFA is fulfilling Christ's command to reach out to the "least of

"Pray for God's
mercy because we are always asked to stand in the gap, pray for the suffering
and the needy, and [do] all we can, thinking of what we would be if were in the
same situation," Yohannan said.

As GFA missionaries
do all they can, concern grows for the millions of vulnerable children who
have either been separated from or lost their parents.

Join GFA in prayer
for these hurting and scared children. Ask the Lord what you can give to the
situation in Pakistan that has now spread to India, as donations are still down
compared to similar crises in the past.

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